Surround Yourself in Sensuously Soft Water Enjoy a natural hot tub with Nova Spa Water Conditioner

A natural solution for chemical free spa maintenance.

Nova Spa Water Conditioner is a proprietary blend of organic compounds including coconut extract and natural enzymes that are naturally attracted to contaminants (such as body oils, dirt, lotion, etc.) and minerals in the water. Nova Spa's natural flocking action moves organic materials to the filter for removal. Enjoy clean healthy water without the constant maintenance of harsh chemicals. Nova Spa leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed. No skin irritation or skin rash from chlorine. Nova Spa Water Conditioner contains no harsh chemicals and is a natural hot tub treatment which makes maintaining your hot tub easy! Just follow the directions on the bottle and enjoy your hot tub for up to three months before adding another application of Nova Spa Water Conditioner. Relax and enjoy a natural hot tub and leave the work to the natural spa chemical.