Maintaining your spa without harsh chemicals

While chlorine is an industry standard for sanitizing, many people have reactions to chlorine and bromine even at low levels. These chemicals often cause skin irritation, skin rash, red eyes, dry skin and some just don't like the smell of chlorine. The problem with these chemicals is that you have to maintain a minimum level of the chlorine in the water at all times to effectively treat the bacteria and viruses. These chemicals in high concentrations are toxic to all forms of life. Every time you are in the spa, you are breathing your body wants to fight the toxins.

Over time, these harsh chemicals build up in the plumbing and pumps. Some have negative corrosive affects on the spa and will cause additional repair costs. The chlorine in the water when draining your spa is an environmental toxin and should be disposed in a sanitary sewer which adds extra burden on your sewer district.Children enjoying a natural hot tub.

Nova Spa is bio-based and 100% safe for children, pets, fish, birds and your plants. So safe, Nova Spa requires no warning labels. Nova Spa is biodegradable and is good for the environment, so your spa water can be used to water your lawn.

Nova Spa contains coconut extract. As it breaks down, it's released and gradually coats the filter cartridge which improves spa filtration and makes cleaning the spa filter easier. Coconut has the added benefit of softening the skin and conditioning the water. There are no corrosive chemicals in Nova Spa to cause rust, stains or taint water.

Nova Spa products are truly the solution to natural chemical free spa maintenance. I am confident that once you try Nova Spa, you will never go back to daily chlorine or bromine systems.