Natural VS Chemical

When people say natural products, they are usually referring to organic products or coming from nature. When people say chemical, people generally think of artificial man made substances. Chemicals typically are products causing a reaction or changing physical states.

So, are there natural chemicals? Absolutely! The natural compounds like enzymes physically change the state of the organic materials by breaking them down into harmless components like carbon dioxide and water.

Are there dangerous natural chemicals? Sure. Natural chemicals like hydrocyanic acid or carbon dioxide in large doses can kill you.

When you think of natural spa chemicals, you generally are looking for a chlorine free alternative. Nova Spa Water Conditioner and Natural4Spas Cleanser are natural hot tub treatments. While there are mineral and salt water alternative treatments, Nova Spa natural hot tub products are bio-based and are a biological process to remove contaminants much in the same way wet lands filter out and degrade contaminants in nature.

Nova Spa Water Conditioner is the easiest and chemical free natural hot tub maintenance system on the market.