Natural Spa Hot Tub Solution - Directions For Use

We recommend cleaning your spa, if you are a first time user. Then once a year thereafter.

Fill your spa with city water. If on well water, we recommend a water filter system (something like Natural4spas Hose Filter) to minimize minerals and contaminants that will reduce the effectiveness of the Natural Spa formula.

Heat your spa to 90 degrees or more. Test your spa for pH and alkalinity and adjust as
needed. pH 7.0 to 8.4 Alkalinity between 80 and 120 is best.

If using well water or if your municipal water is of poor quality, shock the spa to 15 ppm
chlorine (5oz. bleach or 2 teaspoons spa Chlorine granules per 100 gallons of water), to
destroy chloramines, algae and tannins.

Add the whole bottle of Natural Spa to your hot tub. Enjoy your spa!

Since filtration is an important part of the process, rinse your filter weekly and clean it
overnight once a month.