Natural4spas Hot Tub Cleanser - Directions For Use

1. Remove the spa filter cartridge from the filter housing. It is recommended that the filter also be cleaned or replaced if necessary. Filter can be placed in the bottom of the spa during the cleaning process allowing the microbes to work on it, but it may also need more cleaning. Rinse thoroughly before reinstalling.

2. Use the existing spa water, if there is less than 3 ppm chlorine or bromine. If chlorine or bromine exists at 3 ppm or greater, drain spa and refill. Chlorine and bromine will kill the microbes and the cleanser will not work as well. Cleanser will work in temperatures between 40 and 110 degrees and does not require hot water.

3. Pour in the full bottle of the Natural4spas Hot Tub Cleanser. Circulate the spa water for a minimum of 20 minutes or if you are planning to turn down the heater, run for 1 hour to mix the cleanser throughout the spa water. Circulate the water every 8 hours for a minimum of 10 minutes or let the normal heating and circulation run as normal. Close the air jets to reduce foaming during the cleaning process. The foam can be used to clean the surface above the water line.

4. After two days, run the pumps on high to flush the plumbing for 10 minutes or more. Drain the water. Rinse the spa thoroughly. This is a good time to remove the jets and clean them. Run water backwards through the jet port to flush contaminants out of the plumbing. Remove all remaining water from foot well. Refill the spa with fresh water. Set your temperature setting to the desired temperature.