natural4spascleanserNatural4spas Hot Tub Cleanser

This product is used to clean the hot tub or spa. The naturally occurring micro-organisms eat away the gunk and left over chemical residue that attaches to the walls and plumbing of your hot tub.  8 oz will treat a 500 gallon spa.

This product is to be used at least once a year to remove and prevent organic build up that would affect the performance of the Nova Spa Conditioner. Allow 48 hours for the cleaning process before draining the spa. Drain and rinse the hot tub before refilling and adding the Nova Spa Conditioner.

This product can be used with cold or hot water between 40 and 110 degrees. Natural4spas cleanser is safe and environmentally friendly. Drain the tub on your lawn or down the drain.

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