Spa and Hot Tub Filter Cleaning Tips

Filter maintenance is a important part of your spa maintenance. Normal weekly filter cleaning is required as directed by the spa manufacturer when using Nova Spa Water Conditioner.

Filter Cartridge life and its effectiveness depends on proper maintenance. A dirty spa filter has the potential to increase the load on the water pump motor and reduces the effectiveness of the water heater. During use, filter media begins to lose its filtration ability because it becomes clogged with particles and other contaminants. This causes the water pump to work harder in order to push the water through the spa filter and can result in damage to the pump and motor and/or rupture the filter. A ruptured hot tub filter allows particles and contaminants to freely circulate throughout the water and deposit on anything with which they come into contact.

1. Rinsing the filter weekly. The filter cartridge should be cleansed of coarse dirt and debris by washing inside and out with a garden hose or your sink sprayer. Apply the water stream at a 45 degree angle and spray between each filter pleats to make sure all foreign matter is dislodged.


2. Filter cartridges should be cleaned with a filter cleaning product at least once every month or more often if necessary. The EcoOne Filter Cleanser uses alkaline based cleansers to remove the organic materials and dirt from the pores of the filter. Crystal Clean and Natural4spas Hot Tub Cleanser can be used to clean your filter by removing from the filter compartment and Rinsing it to remove the excess materials first. Then place it in the bottom of the spa while running the cleanser through the whole hot tub. Rinse the filter throughly after draining the spa before re-installing it.

3. I recommend having 2 (sets) filters. Use the second filter while cleaning the first. Use a bucket or large pitcher to soak the filter overnight in the cleaner. Rinse the filter thoroughly and let dry before reinstalling. The drying allows the pores to tighten and give better filtering results.


4. Manufacturers recommend that spa filters be replaced yearly. If rotating the spa filters, then every other year. The life of your filter will depend upon your usage and maintenance.