How does the Natural4spas Hose Filter work and when should I use one?

The Natural4spas Hose Filter removes metals and other contaminants from your source water by filtering the water through a granular activated carbon (GAC) and a reduction/oxidation media. In the case of calcite, the filter will change the molecular structure of the mineral so that the mineral stays suspended in the water, instead of clouding the water. The Natural4spas Hose Filter was created for people with well water or water systems that contain heavy metals and / or other contaminants. Using the Hose Filter when filling your spa will reduce the contaminants in the water in your spa and result in fewer water quality issues. The Hose Filter is most effective at removing contaminants when filling at low rates of flow (1 or 2 gallons per minute), so it will take some time to fill a large spa.