My water turned cloudy or brown, what should I use to clean it up?

Cloudy water is generally caused by contaminant or a water unbalance. Contaminants are organic material, minerals and metals. When water becomes unbalanced, minerals like calcium that are dissolved in the water can precipitate out and cloud the water.

Green Water  Green water is generally caused by organic materials and is often accompanied by an odor. Use a water clarifier and / or shock to remove the organics in the water. The other cause, but less common is high copper levels. Use a metal reducer to solve this condition.

White or Hazy Water  Most likely this is a mineral in the water. Check you calcium hardness, pH and alkalinity. High pH and /or alkalinity can cause the mineral to cloud the water especially when calcium levels are over 300 ppm. Use a calcium reducing or sequestering agent to reduce the calcium below 200 ppm. Keep your alkalinity on the low end of the scale and the pH between 7.2 and 7.8.

My water turned brown after I used a shock. What is causing this?

High iron in the water when oxidized will turn the water brown similarly to metal rusting. Iron may be in a stable state in your water until a shock product is used. Shock is an oxidizer and the oxidation process changes the state of the iron, which in turn colors the brown. Often a metal remover for spas will solve this issue by source water.