1. An organic smell is an indication that the organic materials are building up in the water. If the smell persists, shock the spa. Nova Spa is compatible with chlorine shock products, but we recommend the non chlorine shock (MPS) for people with sensitivity to chemicals.

2. You may notice a slippery film on the walls of the spa. Nova Spa Water Conditioner contains positively charged ions. Your tub's surface has a negative charge. The resulting bond creates the slippery film. Rubbing the surface will break this bond.

3. Clean both sides of the spa cover with Clorox Clean-Up or similar product and water. Bacteria living on the cover can be a source of odors and contamination for the water. Flush the inside of the cover with your garden hose. Do not use chemical filter cleaners or any household cleaners that have chemicals in them. The chemicals may react with the water and cause an odor or cloud the water in tub.

4. If your alkalinity is low and your pH is low use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to raise both. If your alkalinity is high use sodium bisulfate to lower the total alkalinity. Acid Magic is another alternative. Add small amounts and adjust over time rather than trying to do it all at once. Adjust the pH once alkalinity is in range. Use sodium carbonate to raise pH without changing the alkalinity. Adjust the water pH a little at a time; checking as you go until you get the pH between 7.2 and 8.2. Apple vinegar can be used to lower the pH. Store brand pH Up / Down are fine to use.

5. Rinse your filter weekly and clean with a filter cleaning product monthly. Go to my filter cleaning article for more information. Make sure the filtration system runs at least 8 hours a day (24 hours). 


6. Water clarifier can be used to speed up the removal of excess organic materials, oils and lotions, or use it weekly for prevention. Be patient. Because it is a biological process, it may take several days for the spa water to clear up.


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