I am a first time user.  What should I buy?

Cleanser.  If you have not done a thorough cleaning for 9 months or more, I would recommend buying a cleanser. The cleanser will remove chemical build up from chlorine or bromine products, as well as organic build up in the plumbing.   We recommend using the cleanser at least once a year.

Conditioner.  The conditioner works constantly breaking down organic materials into harmless components to clean the water. The filter then removes anything that can't be further broken down. I carry 3 similar products listed below

Nova Spa Water Conditioner lasts 3 months per bottle. 

Natural Spa Hot Tub Solution lasts 2 months per bottle.

Ecoone Spa Monthly lasts 1 month per bottle.

Shock.  Using a shock once a week will kill and/or oxidize organics and reduce the potential for high bacteria counts.  10% of chlorine shock goes toward sanitation, killing bacteria, and the remaining 90% goes toward oxidation of organic materials.  Non-chlorine shock is 100% oxidation and is less irritating to the skin. 


Optional items

Clarifier.   Water clarifiers work quickly, but only lasts a few days.   A small quantity application once a week will help remove oils, lotions and other hard to remove organic substances, but is not a substitute for the conditioner. 


Filter Cleansers. Filter cleansers remove contaminants and particles from the filter that cannot be broken down by the conditioners and help keep the filter functioning properly. 


Hose Filter.  If you are using well water or poor quality city water to fill your spa, the Natural4spas Hose Filter will remove chemicals and dissolved metals so you start with cleaner water and have less issues later.